on authenticity

The notoriously elusive and multi-faceted concept of heritage ‘authenticity’ carries many contrasting definitions, depending on the context at hand. Some relative, some absolute, each of these definitions suggests its own direction in the best-practice treatment and management of heritage. In the evolving context of UNESCO World Heritage theory, the concept of authenticity is arguably a … Continue reading

on world heritage

Urban World Heritage sites are at the heart of a debate on heritage authenticity, posing conceptual and practical challenges to the global architectural community. How might dynamic historic city centres evolve into the new millennium while preserving the historic qualities which underpin their World Heritage inscriptions? Ever at risk from museification and bad pastiche, these … Continue reading

on new architectures

In a world undergoing rapid processes of cultural and technological development, traditional methods of architectural preservation and historical narrative are being challenged by evolving UNESCO World Heritage theories and new architectural technologies. Such technologies – both physical and digital – allow for new approaches to authenticity, and for the translation of evolving theories of place … Continue reading

new architectures of heritage

naoh sets out – through site visits, exhibitions, conferences and collaborative workshops – to act as a catalyst for inspired (conservation and contemporary) interventions in historic contexts, and induce informed discussion on the old and new architectures of heritage naoh explores : – evolving heritage theories, with a focus on unesco world heritage  ; – advanced technologies and best-practice in architectural … Continue reading

na:wh[0728] : exhibition

new architectures : world heritage [0728] university of edinburgh, edinburgh, uk 12-15.03.2013 – edinburgh world heritage site (insc. 1995) – 1995-2013 : heritage, evolution and new architectures                                                               na:wh[0728] event (12-15 … Continue reading


please don’t hesitate to contact us to get involved by sharing some thoughts, suggesting a project and/or sponsoring our next event past contributors have included : Adam Dudley Architects, Aedas, Benjamin Tindall Architects, Rianne Bennink, Krzysztof Jan Chuchra, Mark Cousins, Roger Curtis, Adam Dudley, Edinburgh Exchange(s) Studio (UoE), Edinburgh World Heritage, Eindhoven University of Technology, Suzanne Ewing, Malcolm Fraser, Gareth Hoskins Architects, Prof Miles Glendinning, … Continue reading